Animatronic Werewolf Mask by Gadget FX

A. Quinton — Jul. 2nd 2010

Gadget FX is a special effects company based in Spain, and buried deep within their dreadfully Flash-based web site is a page dedicated to the creation of a whole-head animatronic werewolf mask. There are some photos of the sculpt and build process, and an interesting video that shows the whole effort from start to finish. I like this design a lot, except for those ridiculously large ears. What is it with that? Anyway, nice work, Gadget FX!

Update: Werewolf News reader Foxdie found a direct link to the video on YouTube, so I’ve embedded it here.

  • You can find the video mentioned above uploaded here;

  • That’s pretty badass. I like how the lip curls up.

  • zockereinstein

    I’ve always said that there would be many good horror movies in Spain, if they’d get the same budget as american ones do.

  • Viergacht

    That is one weird looking mask. The way the jaw joint seems to be way too far forward is especially awkward.

  • ArcLight

    One disadvantage of going practical. They have to have room for the person’s head and the internal mechanisms.

    Still, I’ll take this (bunny ears and awkward jaw and all) over CGI any day.

  • Mac

    The functionality is good, but the design leaves something to be desired.

  • Viergacht

    Yeah, but it would have looked much better if they’d located the pivot point further back, or pushed the rest of the face forwards. As it stands, it looks a bit too muppet-y.
    I’m with you on the no-CGI, totally and completely. I’ve never yet seen a cgi werewolf that didn’t look like a goofy cartoon.

  • Can people buy the mask and if so how much would you want for the mask?