“Lone Wolf”, the Hand-Drawn Post-Apocalyptic Werewolf Brawler

A. Quinton — Jun. 29th 2010

Brad Nelson’s making a video game, and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. I’ll let him explain it:

Lone Wolf is an upcoming beat-em up RPG featuring a martial artist who stumbles across a secret in a post apocalyptic wasteland that allows him to change into a werewolf. ┬áThe gameplay is an homage to the late 80’s and early 90’s beat-em up games and boasts high resolution comic book style hand drawn character animations set in a 3D environment.

This game looks like a labour of love, and sort of reminds me of a cross between Altered Beast and the drawings in the margins of my 11th grade math notes (in a good way). Lone Wolf has been under steady development since 2005, with much of that work apparently going into the elaborate combat and transformation animations of the player character. This is the Internet so people are going to bitch about the fact that all the enemies look the same, but when you’re building a Flash-based game engine from scratch, you’ve got to prioritize the development path. Presumably (hopefully!) there will be some more variety in the enemies and terrain by the time the game’s out.

If you’d like to encourage Brad’s efforts you can pre-order the game for $19.99 (or $7.99 for the next two days) and get access to betas and other material.

  • Hi let me just clarify a few things on the development of the game, we are working in Unity which is a cross platform engine, so it will be on PC and Mac to start, if it does well we’ll work on versions for the consoles and cell phone platforms. Everything is hand drawn and yes more characters and terrains are on the way, right now we are in more of an alpha phase focusing on gameplay and features. By the time the game is released there should be plenty of variety to keep everyone busy for the first episode. Hope this helps to answer some of your questions! I follow this site regularly so I will post more info when we have it.

  • ArcLight

    Looking sweet!

  • Viergacht

    I remember seeing screen shots from this somewhere a while back and being really impressed. I like the “old-fashioned” look of the game quite a bit.

  • Thanks for the kind responses! The last day of the pre-order is today so if you want to show some support, go ahead and get it for only $7.99, it’ll go back up to $19.99 after today. All pre-orders, no matter the price, get to have early access to beta versions and free downloadable content after it is released.

    I’ll be updating with some more videos showing off weapons most likely by next week.