Walk Like a Werewolf with Weta Legs

A. Quinton — May. 3rd 2010

I think I’ve mentioned before that when it comes to werewolf anatomy, I’m strictly in the plantigrade corner. Digitigrade legs on an upright, seven-foot-tall creature just looks silly to me. I know an awesome thing when I see it, though, and thanks to submitter karsten I now know about Weta’s Wetalegs (careful, loud auto-playing video). For less than $1,000 US you can have your very own low-profile digitigrade leg stilts, which actually seems like a very reasonable price considering the mobility displayed by the subjects in the promo video.

  • Shadowfang

    I’ll wait for the surgery.

  • Mac

    I’ve wanted a pair of those ever since I saw them in a behind-the-scenes documentary. Then again, my preference is for digitigrade werewolves.

  • *drooolls*

    I work^H^H^H^Hplay in a local haunted house every October. I’ve been looking for a digigrade legs that allows interaction with the victom^H^H^H^H^Hcrowds. :-)