You Wish This Was You: Applying a Werewolf Facial Prosthetic

A. Quinton — Apr. 17th 2010

UK special effects & creature company Nimba Creations have posted a how-to video featuring the application, painting and fur-ing of their werewolf prosthetic. I don’t usually have the patience to sit through a 7-minute Youtube video, but this was quite interesting– it was possible to watch the model slowly transforming throughout the process. The laying of the hair (sounds like an arcane ritual, doesn’t it?) was particularly cool. Check it out, and if you fancy trying it yourself, you can buy the supplies directly from Nimba.

  • Mac

    This was awesome!

  • Wow! We were just trawling the internet on a lazy Sunday afternoon and found your mention our video and products – thank you! We try and keep our videos full of info but to the point, without lots of cut aways – basically, we film as if you are there watching over our shoulder, but cut out all the guff!

    Glad you like it and hope it leads to some fun Halloween parties for any viewers ;)

  • Doruk

    This reminds me of an episode of 3-2-1 Contact where they did some werewolf make-up as well. Sadly, I haven’t been to find it anywhere online.