Out With The Furballs, In With The Fangs

A. Quinton — Apr. 1st 2010

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and there’s just no denying the truth anymore: I’m sick of werewolves. They’re boring. They’re silly. They’re ugly and hairy and dumb, and no amount of highbrow back-to-nature hippie crap can redeem them in the face of what we all know to be true: vampires are awesome.

Anne Rice made them sexy, Stephanie Meyer made them trendy, and that bad boy Robert Pattinson made them dangerous. Sexy trendy danger, that’s what these mysterious creatures of the night are all about, and werewolves can’t hold a candle to them. From now on this web site (which will soon be moving to vampires-are-terrific.com) will feature the latest news about True Blood, Twilight, Vampires Diaries and every other cultural milestone spawned by these shadowy, entrancing wraiths.

I’ll also showcase the most romantic and meaningful vampire art Elfwood.com has to offer, and my picks of the best vampire poetry from LiveJournal.com. I hope you’ll all come along with me on this new and exciting journey into the depths of dark, dramatic (and dreamy!) Vampire News!

  • Dude you’re such a pain in the neck ;)

  • zockereinstein

    ROFL!!! xD

  • Lmfao, nice.

  • Roukas

    It’s about time. Werewolves should have known all along that they couldn’t understand vampires, cause after all vampires usually don’t understand themselves! I don’t understand them either, but its where my heart resides. I have always felt different, I mean not supid or retarded, just different from other people, and im glad this site is starting to reflect that difference. In a way we are all immortal and are all vampires. See?? We hate what we don’t understand, and we misunderstand OURSELVES most of all. I look forward to what this new site has to say.

  • Yes. FINALLY your true feelings arise.JK

    Oh Happy Day, my werewolf Lover. <3

  • t-nigs

    April Fools!

  • Mac


  • CC

    if your so easily change of heart than you were never a real fan. At least werewolves dont sparkle in the sun and have relationship problems…….
    suck on that bloodsuckers!

  • C’est quoi cette façon d’agir? Quand on aime les loups-garous et bien on les aime point barre. On ne change pas ses sentiments ainsi! Je suis très déçu car ce site était excellent, l’un des meilleurs mais bon… apparemment ce ne sera plus le cas. Bref, moi mon coeur est loup-garou et loup-garou il restera et je n’irai certainement pas sur le site de ces sombres créatures qui sont les vampires. Je vais continuer à gerer mon forum de loup-garou avec fierté et honneur et je vais effacer ce site de mes liens favoris.

  • Michel, this post was an April’s Fools joke. It’s not serious!