George R.R. Martin Werewolf Novella “The Skin Trade” to Become a Film

A. Quinton — Apr. 21st 2010

It’s all right there in the headline! According to Variety, “Spoke Lane Entertainment and Mike the Pike Prods. have acquired film rights to George R.R. Martin’s werewolf novella ‘The Skin Trade.'” Here’s the premise:

Martin’s story is based on a female private investigator on the trail of a serial killer linked to an underground werewolf clan ruling the remains of a vibrant city devastated by a recession.

The novella was first published alongside work by Stephen King and Dan Simmons in a short horror anthology called Night Visions 5. It seems to be out of print, but there are some used copies available on Amazon. I’ve read a little Martin, but not enough to know how I feel about this. I suppose I’m cautiously optimistic. Martin readers, should I be stoked?

  • CM

    There is a werewolf anthology called Curse of the Full Moon coming out next month. It has a ton of great authors in it, including George RR Martin. It doesn’t list story titles, but based on the authors listed and their existing works, I’m willing to bet the stories are not written especially for this book, and further, that Martin’s contribution is Skin Trade.


  • Sev

    The Skin Trade is also found in some other anthology of Martin’s work. I can’t remember the name, I think it was Dream Songs or something along those lines. In any case what I do remember is that the story was interesting and I read it several times over. May or may not indicate anything as I had no other entertainment besides the anthology available.

    Ah yes, the story is also somewhat distrurbing with the skinning and stuff.

    At the very least the werewolves don’t follow the Hunk stereotype that was pointed out in the latest post. Or at least not until they hit the screen.

  • viergacht

    Martin has written at least one other werewolf-skinning themed story, that one being set in a generic fantasy world. Very well written.

  • Betty

    It will not disappoint. Martin is a master story teller, and his Werewolves are interesting. I find them similar to the rpg Werewolf the Apocalypse, actually, in all the good ways-leaving out the clans and such, but a genetic link as well as infected, and ability to change at will, not just on the full moon. Add in genetic mishaps and a town run by the things, and you’ve got a good story going.