“The Wolfman” News Digest, Part 1

A. Quinton — Feb. 9th 2010

With the premiere of “The Wolfman” only days away (remember when it was supposed to come out in 2008?) the web is sprouting Wolfman stories like so many tufts of fur from the collar of Benicio del Toro’s vest. Rather than spamming the site with a new post every time something interesting comes up, I thought I’d collect them all here. Enjoy!

  • As part of a big press push last week, there were a lot of cast / crew interviews. Dread Central’s got interviews with Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, and ShockTillYouDrop.com had a nice chat with director Joe Johnston.
  • Namco has released a Wolfman side-scrolling game for mobile devices. If you have a supported phone, you can “play through 10 thrilling stages as both Lawrence Talbot and The Wolfman and experience the brute strength and insatiable bloodlust that launched a legacy of horror!” My carrier isn’t supported, so, uh, if it’s good, let me know. It certainly looks cool!
  • Bloody-Disgusting was one of several horror media web sites to get their paws on a recording of the vaunted Wolfman howl. Effective, and much better (in my opinion) than the shrill American Werewolf in London howl!
  • Way back in November, Universal released a short “behind the scene” featurette. There are some comments from Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt, and producer Scott Stuber, and some trailer-style footage.
  • As long as we’re talking about stuff from November, here are two rambling but worthwhile interviews from Ain’t It Cool News: one between Joe Johnston and Harry Knowles and another longer, rambley, spoilerific but fascinating conversation between some of the AICN guys and Rick Baker.
  • Internet-to-TV providers Boxee have developed a Wolfman app as part of their public beta.
  • Early reviews are starting to arrive. Here’s one from the New York Observer [warning: spoilers!].
  • A fifth TV spot has surfaced, but it’s nothing we haven’t already seen: a silhouette of a claw, Del Toro getting dunked in ice water, and Rick Baker’s old-gypsy-guy-getting-killed cameo.

If all of this isn’t enough to keep you busy, stay tuned for more as we get closer to Friday!

  • Ryan

    That new york observer interview was fucking horrible.

  • I agree. Then again, I don’t think Rex Reed represents the target demographic for this movie. The guy was alive when the original Wolf Man movie came out and from what I’ve read he’s basically a bitchier, mildly racist version of Ed Asner’s character in Up.

  • I had the pleasure/pure luck to see it last night.

    For now all I can say is that it’s incredible. A through re-imagining of the classic, somewhat reminiscent of the Hammer Horror series and An American Werewolf in London. Finally, a great werewolf film after many years. Incredible. I’ll be seeing it again soon.

  • Doruk

    Ouch, yeah, that was a rather major spoiler in Observer, Although I had suspected it based on one of the short clips that came out recently. Still, annoying.

  • Vedran

    I saw the movie last night (in Sweden) and I must admit that this is the best werewolf movie to date. It has an incredible pace and is gory, dark, gritty, bloody, mature and perfect in every sense.

    Go see it!

  • viergacht

    I liked the AmWolf howl. It sounded like a mix of human and beast, anguished and raging at the same time. The new Wolfman howl is a bit . . . operatic. I do find it amusing how, for something that’s supposed to be half wolf, sound effects guys always use distinctive tiger and lion noises.

  • Pretty much impossible for it to live up to two + years of waiting but man, it was a blast. Recommended.

  • Ryan

    Saw it the other day, the best werewolf movie I’ve seen since American Werewolf in London.

  • this movie was awesome. ive been using werewolf movies for inspiration for my werewolf album. i felt that the methods used in the 1800’s in psychiatric hospitals were accurate for the setting (london). also if you liked that, check out lou garou at http://www.myspace.com/lougaroumetal