Six Photos of Being Human’s George in Werewolf Form

A. Quinton — Jan. 16th 2010

George fans rejoice! Here are some new photos of your favourite Being Human werewolf, taken from episodes 1 and 4 of Series 2. Click for larger versions.

  • Ryan

    Wow that is great. Hope this show goes on DVD at some point.

  • I am deeply ashamed to admit that I haven’t even seen Series 1 yet. I know I ought to– it looks incredible, and everyone knows that British television is basically the best.

  • Micnew

    O.O oh yeah, this series is amazing! i can’t wait to see the second season and hope the show it on bbc america.

  • Tandye

    Wow, what a hottie. Do want! * makes gimmeh paws * – mmm

  • Being Human is a fantastic show. 2nd series is shaping up nicely, but I still like to re-watch the climax of series 1. Go George!!

  • viergacht

    Ah, I can’t wait to see the new season.
    Dreading the American remake, though.

  • Mac

    I’ve got to catch up on what they’ve released of Season 2 so far. I adored Season 1.

    I’m with viergacht on dreading the remake.

  • Chris

    Being Human is the best.
    As much as I’d like to be a werewolf, the pain George goes through sounds very painful.