Husband and Wife Writing Team to Script Syfy’s “Being Human” Remake

A. Quinton — Jan. 20th 2010

Details about Syfy’s immanent Americanization of BBC’s hit series Being Human are scarce, but The Futon Critic has shed a little light on the writing situation. “Husband-and-wife duo Jeremy Carver (“Supernatural”) and Anna Fricke (“Privileged”) have been tapped as the writers”, Syfy’s Mark Stern said. “[He’s] kind of got the genre cred and Anna comes out of a more character-based drama world so between them they’ll be really interesting.”

I’ve got to admit I’m not too familiar with the work of either writer, but my immediate reaction to this news is a little on the “meh” side. Perhaps their joining forces to work on the show together will being some magic to the writing.

  • Jason

    Forgive me for being crass and cynical, but this is gonna suck shit.

    Smallville is one of the worst shows on TV.

    I mean, “Being Human” isn’t exactly high drama as it is. But .. this is just going to be terrible.

  • Darkhealm

    Look, Jeremy is know because of Supernatural, and Supernatural is know by the LACK of phisical appearences of monters. Like, the episode where they show a werewolf, they show ONLY the silhouette.

    Anna, for other side, have some credits because of Everwood, that i think it’s very good and dramatical.

    I only fear for George, that maybe will have a pathetic werewolf tranformation

  • Jason

    Where did I get Smallville from?? Sorry about that ..

  • Nyetwerke

    Why remake it at all? What, we don’t know what chips and biscuits and sedan bonnets are? I rather like the BBC sort of feel to productions. Dr Who Tooth and Claw episode, anyone?