True Blood to add Werewolf Character Alcide Herveaux in Season 3

A. Quinton — Oct. 30th 2009

E! Online is reporting that HBO’s super-popular supernatural drama True Blood will add an actual werewolf character – sorry, Sam –in season three: fan-favourite (fans of the books, anyway) Alcide Herveaux. This is another show I haven’t seen yet (I really need to figure out my roommate’s DVR) but judging from the enthusiasm of my prime-time TV-crazed co-workers, True Blood seems to be… pretty good. In any case, it’s bound to get better with the addition of a werewolf (doesn’t everything get better when you add a werewolf? Oh, wait. I guess not).

  • Mac

    True Blood just doesn’t do anything for me. I watched the first season and a little of the second, but it still doesn’t grab me.

  • Maewolf

    Nice, cant wait , Never read the books but i love the show

  • Roi

    The show’s great, the books I’ve loved even before the series came out, buuut…
    one thing I think you should know, I think in the books, they have ‘wolf’ werewolves…

    yep. The not actual werewolf kind. What’s the point in being a werewolf in that case if you can be a shifter, and turn into a wolf AND anything else?

    Not to mention Alcide (who was my favorite character since his appearance in the books), kinda got lame. I hope that changes in the series, but we’ll see…

  • Might have to give it a shot. As it is, I’ve seen the important bits (mainly Anna Paquin’s bits) online already. :)

  • Alcide was my favorite character in the Sookie Stackhouse series. He’s tough, he’s passionate, he’s loyal to his family and to Sookie, even when she kills Alcide’s former mate. He’s a real Werewolf (he notes that is has a capital W for wolves) and he’s massively intimidating as a rival to other characters. I hope they cast that part well in the show; they need someone who can play cocky and protective and thoroughly male.