New Werewolf Toy from Missmonster and

Pennington Beast — Oct. 5th 2009

Just in time for Halloween! A new werewolf toy designed by artist Missmonster and made by Patch Together is available for pre-order. The toy is 8 inches tall and has moveable arms. He also comes with a base featuring blood splatters and a bone. The price is $44. 95 and can be pre-ordered here!

  • Mac

    I don’t have the cash to spend on it, but I want one.

  • Berserker

    It’s a cool collectible, but something tells me cooler werewolf figures can be had for half the price. Unless you’re a die-hard collector.

  • Roukas

    Having this fellow on my desk would certainly improve my creativity and sexy beastishness. However, my nunchaku-wielding Jon Talbain dwells on my desk as well, and I fear the cataclysmic battle of feral ninjanity that would erupt on my workstation should I even put these too in the same room.