I Slipped Into My Three Worgen Moon T-Shirt…

A. Quinton — Oct. 22nd 2009

If you're a geek, you'll understand.

J!NX is selling a World of Warcraft Three Worgen Moon t-shirt, which will be hilarious to werewolf-loving, meme-knowing geeks like me, and which will only mystify the uninitiated. Ladies, is it irresistible? Hat-tip to @electricdog and @tshirtmeme.

  • Mac

    EL-OH-EL! I *need* one of those.

  • Berserker

    It’s like a shirt about a meme from a videogame full of memes, that is itself about a meme about a shirt. I think my head is going to explode.

  • Roukas

    As I suckle the nectar of old school from the teat of Diablo II, I pride myself on how I have managed to avoid the WoW / Worgen craze. That pride was bitch-slapped an annihilated when I saw this piece of growly rarr. I really love how this shirt weds nerdcore and metal.