Animal Planet Airing “Werewolves: The Dark Survivors” Tonight

A. Quinton — Oct. 25th 2009

Werewolves: The Dark Survivors (originally titled We’rewolves) is airing tonight on Animal Planet. It’s a two-hour special shot in a faux-documentary style that examines what the world would be like if werewolves really existed. If you miss it tonight, don’t worry– it’s airing six times in total before the end of the month. It sure sounds like an interesting concept! If you see it, leave a comment below to let your fellow werewolf fans know what you think!


    Well, I liked watching it a second time because I hadn’t seen the ending and in a sort of weird way, I liked it. It has helped me some with my script’s plot. Also: I watched a doc. on the History Channel about werewolves and it talked about a werewolf in France in the 1700’s that the people called “The Beast of Gevaudan” that they believed was responsible for killing men and stealing children in the night. I’m not sure what “Gevaudan” means. I think it was the name of their region or territory. It was located not far from modern day Versaille. You should check out my blog because I am getting ready to write a short story on there about my upcoming wereswolf script.

    Check it out:

  • Sandra

    Hmm. It was a new strand of rabies. Well, I guess thats more believeable than transforming because of a full moon. o_o.

  • Korah

    I liked it was cool. And i thought the nariration was good. I think that it will be a big hit.

  • meagan


  • Sami

    When i saw the show it was awsome! I love how it ends. When Steve saves Idi(i think thats her name) from that lone wolf that killed his 2 other rivals when trying to become alpha. It was too cool. AWSOME SHOW!!!

  • Man it was awesome so much like the real thing!!

  • Raymond Bowen

    Hey there…my name is Ray Bowen…I played Big Ray in the film. I live in Canada so they haven’t broadcast it here yet. I’d like to see it…lol…does anyone have an idea where online I can watch the entire thing?



  • Brittany

    Very very interesting. I loved the concept and the way it mixed werewolf life with the lives of real wolves. The pack idea was great and I loved the lone wolf’s plan to become pack leader, very wolf like. It was wonderful how they put in historical myths about the werewolves that I know are true, nice to know they knew what kind of creature they were talking about. Much better than some Twilight bull crap. It was very refreshing to see a small twist on the good old werewolves with out destroying them.

  • Wes

    I thought it was well thought out…a cool twist on the idea of werewolves. My expectations about what the werewolves “should be” were more flexible than some of the other folks visiting this website. In my humble opinion, they did a good job of pulling werewolves out of the realm of fantasy and into the world of science fiction by building an interesting history for these “wolves among us.” As the movie progressed, I felt a little “protective” of the pack. They were human enough that I was able to kind of relate to them, on some level. For the critics, I do respect your opinions but think you should leave these puppies alone.

  • MoonlightNight

    Hello, I missed the first hour or so, and i don’t know when they’ll show this again. From what I saw, It could have been so much damn better. Come on, really?!!1 I’m a serious werewolf fan, and I know many of the myths. This is an excellent storyline, only it looks as if you didn’t really get enough time to work on it. It would have been nice if the people actually turned into wolves, but I agree wholeheartedly that the whole moon thing isn’t necessar6y. If they are supposed to be more like wolves, then why do they still look human? After hours of transformation? I don’t get it one more thing I don’t get, the story would be much better without you trying to explain it away medically. The genetic thing is great, but … caused by toxins… that makes no sense, it’s just another loophole, a flaw. a major flaw. Please, I beg you. Take it off air, fix it, make better effects, keep the narration, and then re air it under a different name so that people will be willing to re watch it. Keep the plot line, though. It’s fabulous. Don’t ignore this, because it can be a majorly fabulously, wonderfully, spectacularly great story, especially for werewolf addicts like me who don’t get much worthwhile to read and watch anyway, and don’t get the few often either.
    Over and out, MoonlightNight.

  • MoonlightNight

    By the way, Brittany, permit me to reply to your comment. I totally agree with you that it was great to take werewolves from myths and make it science – fiction, but I think they overdid the ‘trying to make it science’ bit. they tried too hard on that. What is wrong with Twilight? Stephenie reinvented the vampire concept, and I appreciate her for trying to do this. It was a great story in my opinion, and I want to know why you do not like it.

  • Day

    It’s things like this that make it impossible for people to actually believe in werewolves. The facts were weak and the acting was….okay. But I liked it, finally there’s something about putting science into the truth of folklore. I thought that in its entirety it was very good. Maybe some day people will acutually get REAL footage and prove the world worng!

  • Chelsie-Anne

    I really hope some one get real footage soon. curiosity got the best of me but i to chicken to get out there and do it my self. HELL NA!!!! lol

  • kayla

    i whacht and i thought it was real but my aunt said you can be amased by what t.v can do . i do not know how to belive

  • Lael

    Saw this tonight, and was wondering, did anyone catch the name they called the viking clan Uthendar or something?

  • Syd

    This show has only recently come on in Australia. Interesting concept and I agree with Day that its good to “putting science into the truth of folklore”. But an otherwise clunky production. Bit late to be a pedant now, but they refereed to the wolfsbane plant (that keeps appearing) as Arnica montana. This is a common name for this plant, but not the plant of werewolf folklore. I think they actually mean one of the Aconitum spp. – probably Aconitum vulparia (yellow wolfsbane)

  • Van

    It’s okay for what it is. Like some others, it’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting something done in a more documentary style. This is actually more in the style of a film with first person narration in the background. It would have been better as a documentary/mockumentary. The way in which it was done makes it feel more like a cheap film production. It could have just as easily aired on the scifi channel. I’m confused at to how anyone could think this was even remotely real, not just because werewolves aren’t real. This was not done in the manner of a convincing documentary. Disappointing, but worth at least one look anyway. I don’t think that I would watch it again.

  • loopeen

    Anybody can show me where to find the substitle of this movie for hearing impaired?