World of Warcraft Cataclysm Expansion to Include Werewolves as Playable Race

A. Quinton — Aug. 18th 2009

World of Warcraft - Worgen

Blizzard is getting ready to release an expansion for World of Warcraft, and rumour has it that one of the new playable races will be werewolves in all but name. is reporting that World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will allow players to play as Worgen, “large, lupine humanoids reminiscent of a werewolf that walks upright, but lopes on all fours to run.” At the moment Worgen are merely NPCs, but if the rumours are true and Cataclysm really does let you choose Worgen as a race, I might have to close down and quit my job, because there won’t be time for anything other than World of Warcraft.

  • Hell to the yes! I’ve been following this for quite some time now and have full confidence that Blizzard will make the worgen nothing short of pure badassery.

  • Some more information.

    There is some contention about whether or not the Worgen will be able to shift to and from a human form, or whether they will be permanently in werewolf form. Most people are speculating that they will *not* have a human form, because of they did, that would probably make playing a regular human pointless.

    We’ll know for sure at BlizzCon this weekend, when all these things should be confirmed. We will likely see new artwork and models for the Worgen as well (probably to make them slightly less monstrous… the artwork posted above is for the in-game “monster” Worgen, which are undoubtedly different then the player-character kind.)

    The Worgen will be a race that belongs to the Alliance, which for any of you non-Warcraft players, means they will ostensibly be “good guys.”

  • There was one idea I read on the mmo-champion boards that suggested that worgen will only have a human form for the introductory zones (lvl. 1-10) that tells the story of Gilneas (the supposed Worgen starting area) and how the kingdom became worgen. The player would start off as human but as they progressed through the story and levels, it would take them through the process of being “bitten” giving them their permanent worgen form.

  • Roukwolf

    No. F&%@#*g. Way. If this materializes, it’ll be my one-way ticket to maximum nerdcore. I’m totally up for joining your ‘pack’ or whatever, as she raw coolness of the character design eliminates any corniness that may entail. The bottom line it that as long as the class functions practically, I’ll have incentive to learn WoW. Up till now, that funny South Park / Warcraft episode has kept me far from the series!

  • You have all been assimilated!

    Blizzard is the best studio ever, they know how to attract people, that’s for sure.

  • Berserker

    @Roukwolf: Don’t tell me you let the South Park episode turn you off of the game! It’s just a parody and a pretty extreme one too… Blizzard worked very closely with them to make the episode, anyway. It’s funny and there’s some truth to it, but that’s the same way with all South Park parodies.

    World of Warcraft is a fun and fairly easy game. It can be addicting but some people don’t like it, I guess because of the initial simplicity of the game (even though it can get enormously involving as you get to the higher end,) while others are turned off by the idea of playing with other people, or even the somewhat cartoony art design (which becomes less prominent as you venture into the expansion packs.)

    As far as multiplayer RPGs go, WoW is by far the most lenient and least grueling. Blizzard designed the game to eliminate as many of the flaws about MMOs that they could.

  • Kwipper

    The rumor about Worgen being a playable race is offically true. I can prove it.

    I use a program called WoW Model Viewer which basically can view all of the models and animations for those models.

    I decided to check out the worgen models. So far they haven’t changed in appearance from their original design… BUT.. they did get a whole new set of animation emote gestures. Now the Worgen can do things like eat, speak, point, laugh, salute, swim, hold guns and bows, wave, sleep and pretty much most of what the other playable characters can do. Unfortunately I don’t see a dance animation for the Worgens… yet.

    So there. It’s proven. World of Warcraft is going to have playable werewolves soon.

  • Berserker

    I’m pretty sure those animations have been in the game for a long time, Kwipper.

    No need to go digging in files for them, either. If you play the game, you can see for yourself by going to an area in Northrend where there are some Worgen… if you get attacked you can get “infected” and turn into a Worgen for a couple of minutes.

  • sam

    holy **** i love werewolfs and wow and worgens look exactly like them ps dose anyone know when this patch is coming out

  • Roukas

    @Berserker, my love for you is ticking clock Ber-ZER-KERRRRRR!!!!!! XD

    Ah, no worries, South Park parody has never really turned me off from anything I like. I can take a good amount of parody as long as the things I know about (or believe in) are represented accurately. In fact, that’s one of South Park’s strong points: the writers have done their research and thinking, and they can expose the proverbial emperor’s nakedness while explaining the how and why of it…all while being incomprehensively hilarious.

    Man, rest assured that I’ll be screaming “Mom, bathroom, BATHROOM!” when the Worgen patch comes out! And honestly, over the past year and a half, I’ve been periodically working on creative assassin builds in Diablo II! You can check out my totally awesome sig and profile at this retardedly juvenile D2 trading site here!

  • @sam: This “patch” is actually the next expansion pack to the game, and I wouldn’t expect it to be released until next March at the earliest.

  • Raincatcher

    Personally, I’m waiting for the World of Darkness MMO. Werewolves don’t get more badass than the WoD ones.

    As far as WoW having the worgen as a playable race… I’m a bit upset that it seems Alliance will be getting them. I love my Tauren, but I just may end up making the faction switch if this is the case. Werewolves > Tauren. Close call though.

  • Mac

    Please, please, please let this happen! I haven’t had enough free time for WoW of late, but I know this would force me to make time.

  • Berserker

    Tomorrow’s the day. Official announcement at around 11:30 PST.

  • Berserker

    It is 100% confirmed! Werewolves in WoW!

  • this makin me wanna get world of warcraft now

  • AlanB39092

    Question about the new expansion pack being released in December 2010. Will that include all the expansion packs thus fat. I read that they will have changed Azeroth and that new players to the game will be able to start from the beginning will all the changes afforded the new expansion pack game.