Damn It – Werewolf Series DVD Postponed until at least 2010

A. Quinton — Aug. 26th 2009

I missed this last week, with all the Wolfman trailer and Warcraft hoopla. ArcLight wrote in with the not-awesome news that the DVD release of Werewolf: The Series has been officially postponed and won’t be coming out in 2009. It seems that there are some problems licensing some of the music used in the show’s soundtrack, and the way the sound was mixed makes it impossible to replace / remove the music. Brian Ward, one of the DVD producers at Shout! Factory, posted an explanation in the Shout! Factory forum:

In order to extract the music, we would literally need to extract the scenes completely.  And these are some fairly important scenes that, in some cases, run several minutes. So we’re still working on figuring it all out.  It’s a great set and I hope to see it released shortly.  But it doesn’t look like it’s going to be on the books for ’09… There are only a couple songs giving us trouble, but they’re EXPENSIVE songs and we’re just not sure we’d sell enough to meet the record labels’ prices and still make any money whatsoever.  We’ve not stopped pursuing it.  We’ve put together a great set with some cool extras and a BEAUTIFUL cover, in my opinion.  I want people to own it.  Hopefully, sometime soon, they will.

Thanks, record labels. You guys just keep on finding ways to endear yourselves to the public, don’t you?

  • Roukas

    Werewolf fans: “Can’t we just have our classic series on DVD?”

    Record Labels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5oqgnKgwDsk

  • Viergacht

    I can only imagine the record company execs are trying to milk as much out of a fairly worthless song as possible by making them expensive, knowing that someone will eventually have to break down and pay for it. Extortion, pure and simple.

    Personally, I don’t remember any of the music from the show.

  • james hyde

    i am most distressed about hearing this now i hear it will never be released.if it is not one thing it is another. music,tv,movies,games for all consoles we the people suffer their whims of those who are suppose to be human but perhaps they are the real stuff of darkness and nightmares? we all have without some doubts have waited for our favorite shows and other things to be released.but sadly most never are as from childrens cartoons to adult shows and products.such as it is we all suffer from one thing or another in one form or another but as most people have said to me and this also was recited by the australian bush ranger Ned Kelly(SUCH AS LIFE!) well surely the people in the industry that promise to make something should be held to complete their promise or to suffer any and all conclusions there hence whether it is pleasant or vile ones? what do you say i ask you? why must we all suffer if we can’t or can do something about it? i leave that for you to ponder…..good night


  • Jason

    This show was one of the first “horror” series I watched as a kid. It was a pre-cursor to Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, Monsters, Friday the 13th, Freddy’s Nightmares, etc. Not only does this series hold a special place in my heart because of this, but I also have fond memories of the show itself (albeit faint memories).

    This show carried the same formula that the classic Incredible Hulk series had… drifter with a monster within travels around on a quest to rid themselves of the monster while helping those along the way. Werewolf was my preferred show over Hulk. I hope this music fiasco gets settled. Situations like this make me want to support piracy! If it is the only way to see this series again, then why not you know?