Nick Dudman Talks About Harry Potter Werewolf Makeup

A. Quinton — Jul. 24th 2009

Make-Up Artist Magazine and the Los Angeles Times have both posted short interviews with Nick Dudman, the head makeup effects designer for the Harry Potter films. In each interview, Dudman talks about the efforts behind developing and applying the prosthetics for werewolf character Fenrir Greyback (played by Dave Legeno). There’s not much in the way of photos, but still worth a read!

  • Roukas

    I’ve yet to read a Harry Potter book and I’ve never watched one of the movies all the way through, but I’m interested in seeing how Mr. Greyback is rendered. However, “Fenrir Greyback” is not the most clever or subtlest werewolf name out there. Gee, maybe Rowling should have just named him “Lupe Werewolfson” just so that super-dense Generation E could be absolutely, 100% sure that this character was a werewolf. Anyway, with a 7-piece prosthetic getup and some good artists / monster-makers behind him, Fenrir could be a bad-ass beast. I’m looking forward to seeing him in action, although I don’t think he’ll be able to beat the awesome werewolves from Van Helsing. As stupid as that movie was, its werewolves were astounding imo. Am I the only one who wanted the tragic ending to be reversed into something like werewolf-Van Helsing making out with the heroine under the full moon at the end . . . instead of howling in misery at her death?

  • Kris

    So for those who did go see the new Potter flick in theatres, how did the werewolf look ? It couldn’t have been any worse than the teacher in the third one (that’s the last one I saw, didn’t watch “Goblet of Fire” and have only seen bits of “Order of the Phoenix”). I can’t remember how well the films did with Sirius Black’s dog form.