“We’rewolves” Documentary to Explore an Earth with Werewolves

A. Quinton — May. 10th 2009

We'rewolves - It's in the bloodThis Hallowe’en, Animal Planet US is airing a “documentary” called We’rewolves. Written by Japser James (the same guy who wrote Walking With Dinosaurs) and produced by the UK’s Wide Eyed Entertainment, We’rewolves will combine fantasy and fact to examine how werewolves might live today if they really existed.

International distribution rights have been secured by ITV Global Entertaiment, who issused a press release and the following synopsis of the documentary:

[We’werewolves] begins with the discovery of a mutilated body in the wilds of the Great Lakes.  The trail left by the attacker leads the investigating detective into a complex twilight world inhabited by a shocking sub-species of human.

Fearing a dangerous animal is at large; Detective Jack Breedlove calls in the help of expert zoologist, Ivy Carter.  Together they enter a maelstrom of fear and confusion when they discover their prey is neither animal nor human, but one of nature’s most terrifying mythological creatures; the Werewolf. The film cunningly combines real science, documentary and surveillance style cinematography and ingenious special effects, with a gripping, high-tension script that will hook audiences.

I really hope they pull this off– I’ve always been a fan of blending fictional creatures with real science and fact, and this sounds like it has real promise.




  • Andrew

    I share your enthusiasm, Shadowfang. :D

  • Thirded! Hell yeah!

  • Yeah, can’t wait!

  • Lydia

    I loved the show! Best i have ever seen on Animal Planet in a long time. At first i didnt know if the show was real or not. It kinda freaked me out.

  • Lone Woldf

    Watched it today! It was amazing!

  • Chelsie-Anne

    Watched it last night with my boyfriend,and well i just want to know if any of it was true or not. :)

  • Wolvesbayne_grrl

    I have been studying werewolves for a while, and in fact they are real to some people. the same with a werewolves rivals… vampires. they are regular people with a condition. nothing more. They can die the same way humans can.

  • Nathan

    The werewolf illness is called lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is a disorder that sometimes (not always) causes hair to grow in strange places… and always always causes an intense need to kill by the most brutal manner possible.

    All it is is a human with a disorder.

    I saw one when I toured an asylum, and thought an interview would be interesting. They did NOT allow it. They said nobody but doctors goes in his room, which has to stay locked.

    Fair enough.