Curzon Midnight Movies Presents: An American Werewolf In London

A. Quinton — May. 29th 2009

Nadia from London’s Curzon Cinemas has alerted me to a midnight movie tribute to John Landis happening on June 26th:


Fri 26th June 9:30pm Bar, 11:30pm Films. A tribute to John Landis – the man who brought you ‘The Blues Brothers’, ‘Animal House’ and Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ video. Enjoy live music and a free cocktail in our themed ‘Slaughtered Lamb’ bar, before a special introduction to this ultimate cult classic on the big screen. Dress code: wolvish/nurse/backpacker. Tickets on sale now: £12/£9 members: 0871 7033 988

A midnight showing of American Werewolf In London in a theater that’s situated less than a quarter mile from the scene of the movie’s climax? Awesome!

  • Roukas

    Why is it the limeys get this kind of fun, and Americans like me only have recourse to conventions where people in rainbow-striped tiger costumes reenact Disney’s Robin Hood?

    Attending an occasion like this would be the perfect opportunity to re-write the AWIL ending into what it should have been. i.e. wolf David goes back to chill at The Slaughtered Lamb, finds Nurse Alex, and makes out with her. XD