Fangs and Fur

A. Quinton — Dec. 15th 2008

Fangs and Fur is a new documentary by Italian filmmaker and wildlife photographer Michele Cogliati. In the 10-minute made-for-web film, Cogliati discusses the historical link between wolves, werewolves, human serial killers and cannibalism.

“The wolf is a pack hunter and a daylight predator,” Cogliati explains. “The werewolf is a lone hunter and often depicted as a night stalker. I have a few answers to justify these remarkable differencies that I’d like to share.”

The entire documentary is available for free at, as either streaming video or just the narration audio. I found it an interesting listen– what did you think?

  • Roukas

    Although the author reminds me of Die Hard’s Hans Gruber, his thesis and his questioning mind are fascinating. After Friday, I’ll be on Christmas break with school behind me, so I’ll have time to really delve into the site’s content and comment on it. That’ll be a lot better than reading student current event reports about (almost a direct quote): “a american airplane carrier in the Pacific ocean, that can send a misle to Iraq with satilit technology, which is amazing considering technology now and days.”

  • well, I don’t mind much what I remind you of… but I really appreciate your comment about my thesis.
    I’ll be checking this place often and would like to hear from you more on the subject.

    Thank you!

    Michele Cogliati

  • Sorkata

    I have a fond fascination for Werewolfs more than Vampires i would be happy too help all i can if anything is required ^,^