Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – Trailer

A. Quinton — Nov. 10th 2008

If you haven’t already seen it, there’s an official trailer out for Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. There’s a lot of blue filters, eye makeup, improbable armour and clumsy sword-ballet… but there’s also an army of werewolves and a particularly vicious-looking Bill Nighy. Take a look for yourself.

Of additional interest is this review (yes, a trailer review) by Jason Roestel of Movie Examiner. Among other things, Roestel opines that “the werewolves in costume… look so 1955.” While you can kind of tell they don’t have as big a budget as the previous two films, I thought the werewolves looked great. What do you think?

  • Roukas

    Ahh, these beasties are definitely in line with your personal aesthetic when it comes to anything lycanthropic. As is typical with contemporary previews, there are lots of clips of ambiguous things happening way too fast for reflection, and there’s lots of generic darkness and screaming. It’s almost as if the producers are trying to make a lycanthropic Dragonball Z, damn it! However, if you pause the preview at the right times, you can get a decent look at the werewolves, and from what I see, they don’t look bad at all. I especially like the quick scenes where the small army of werewolves is dashing through the plain at night (will there ever be ONE day scene in an Underworld movie?), and the earlier scene where a lycan is dashing toward you through a tunnel.

    At the moment, my one hope is that whoever’s in charge of this film makes these beasts as non-Todd McFarlane as possible.

  • Aiko

    This is going right to the top of my “Must See” list. I think movies have always put the werewolves as the bad guys, but I think its a great concept and the werewolves hopefully won’t be really cheapy looking. Can’t wait to see it!

  • Andrew

    Roukas: day scenes are not permitted in Underworld films. It’s part of the franchise’s official style guide, along with such items as intense glares, black leather and / or PVC wardrobes and strict adherence to the if I talk loud I’m convincing school of acting.

    Aiko: it’ll be interesting to see a movie where werewolves are sympathetic characters without also being doomed. I’ll probably see this one when it comes out on DVD, unless further trailers convince me otherwise.