Six Awesome Werewolves in Video Games

A. Quinton — Oct. 6th 2008

on Talbain I, for one, feel that vampires have always garnered way too much attention in the world of video games, and werewolves have subsequently been given the short end of the joystick. Alex and Mark of Diehard GameFAN agree with me, and have posted an article where they ask: Where Are All the Werewolves? They discuss six games that give lycanthropes their due, ranging from Altered Beast to The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Can anyone out there think of any other games where you play a werewolf?

Thanks to ArcLight for the link.

  • There’s a few games involving werewolves they left out. Most notably, I think, is The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Get the Bloodmoon expansion (or just pick up the Game of the Year edition) and you can apparently fight against and/or become a werewolf. (I say apparently because I’ve little patience and less time to play vast, free-form RPGs like Morrowind so I haven’t gotten that far into it yet.)

  • Great choices here. But who can forget the retro and generic “Werewolf” from the old NES game “Werewolf: The Last Warrior”? Like the NES itself, this game was a bad-ass combination of indescribably awesome and soul-splittingly bizarre. However, the ending is (almost) worth your efforts: you’re treated to an incomprehensibly bad-ass pic of your werewolf character holding an American flag and roaring as the American public stares in awe of you. If George Washington had known that he had to compete with that degree of patriotism, who knows, he probably would have just said “F*** crossing the Delaware, I’m staying home.”

    Anyway, I’ve written a review of “Werewolf: The Last Warrior” here if any of you care to check it out:

  • Sorkata

    I think there SHOULD and i mean that be MORE Werewolf games i see barly any i have ideas but i don’t know if i have things right.

  • Sorkata

    Oh you can find Werewolf on Fable i’m not sure about Fable 2 though but they call them Balverines on there ^,^

  • Jimthething

    Don’t forget Knight Lore back on the Spectrum in the 80’s. Your character spent all night as a little green werewolf wandering about the castle he was trapped inside :)

  • CryptCreature

    Better than Bloody Roar, Metamorphic Force. An old arcade game where you can choose between werewolf, panther, bear, or bull.

    A classic that needs to be redone for a new generation (and not be butchered) and brought to new heights.

  • Kris

    “Zombies At My Neighbors” on the Super Nintendo had werewolves (they were one of the more annoying baddies to destroy). You had to rescue a certain amount of suburbanites standing around each level before monsters got to them, but sometimes those would-be-victims would become werewolves (I can’t remember under what condition).

    I forget if the two main characters themselves (a spikey-haired blonde kid and a teenaged girl with a red hat) could turn into werewolves, but they DID become large musclebound purple monsters that could pound the shit out of thing when you got a certain item.

    “Alundra” (a Legend-of-Zelda-like game brought to North America by Working Designs) for the original Playstation had a werewolf character in it.

    There was ALMOST a “Werewolf: The Apocalypse” game (I think it was being developed for the Playstation or maybe the PS2), based on White Wolf’s card game/series of books & comics. Screenshots and video footage and everything were released for it, but it fell through and didn’t happen. It looked promising, for its time.

  • william

    there were werewolves on golden sun for the game boy advance. they changed on nights of the full moon and everything. and also werewolves in castlevania as villains.

    i think they need to make an rpg where you are a werewolf, possibly in the style of the suffering (if anyone has ever played it) where you level up your wolf form by killing things and use guns and junk when in your human form.

    or a game like the old soulreaver series :D

  • Johny

    The RPG Seiken Densetsu 3(Legend of Mana 2) for SNES has a playable character named Kevin who is a Werewolf, and he is my favorit of all the characters of the game. And the game is also very exciting, it is one of my favorit Super Nintendo RPG games, I recomend it.
    And another game in wich you play with a werewolf as the main character is Castelvania: Legacy of Darkness, the second Castelvania release for N64
    And if I recall correctly Killer Instinct also has a Werewolf doesn’t it?

  • Sync

    -Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness: The main character, Cornell, turns into a werewolf, the speed is sightly lower (WTF) but is stronger then the human from.

    -Werewolf: The Last Warrior: Basically same as above (removing the speed part), yet the game sucks a lot -.-

    -Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Not released, yet it could have been the best game in the story of the (werewolf) universe.

    -WolfTeam: A free, online, 3D game where you can turn into a werewolf mutant to rip off other player’s faces.

    -Sonic Unleashed/Sonikku World Adventure: Sonic, the main character, turns into a werehog, something like a wolf and a hedgehog fused together. The gameplay turns more platform-like due the werehog reduced speed, plus a new combo system is added…

    -Altered Beast: Your character can turn into a werewolf and throw somekind of energy from his fist, he also can do somekind of boosted tackle. Yet (At least for the SEGA Genesis verison) is only on the first level.

    -Rampage (Every version removing the NES): You can choose to be Ralph, a giant werewolf mutant, yet in the Rampage 2: Universal Tour, you gotta unlock he.

    -The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon: You can live as a werewolf, and go killing everyone, or you can try to heal youself from your curse and live with the humans again.

  • Sev

    Having to go back to consoles a young’un like myself hasn’t even heard from just to find a handfull of werewolves who were given a role beyond Generic Enemy is just plain sad.

    Are we insufficiently sexy to be included in games with (semi) modern graphics or something?

  • a guy who like werewolfs

    well the only werewolf game that im playing right now is wolf team.
    ah, i wish with they had released game werewolf the apocalypse, i watched the cut scenes in youtube, i liked.
    AND i heard about a demo version that have been released before they cancel the game, is that true?
    im trying to find it. But with no sucess and i downloaded the book just for curiosity. However the book is VERY BIG.

    does anyone have the demo of this game, the 1st/3rd person for PC that one who is like a FPS
    here is my EMAIL