Werewolves Prefer Google Chrome

A. Quinton — Sep. 3rd 2008

According to my web anayltics software, in the 20 hours that Google Chrome has been available, 4% of the traffic visiting Werewolf News has been using the new web browser from Google. I mention this as news because many of the other first-day stats I’m seeing from other people indicate Chrome user levels at around 1%. That’s a gargantuan number of users for a browser that’s been out for less than a day… and to have four times that number visiting this site is really quite amazing. I guess werewolves (and those who like werewolves) really do prefer Google Chrome. Do you?

  • Google Chrome 4tw!

  • Roukas

    Whether I’m prowling through penny-arcade or stalking sherdog.com, I always prefer the sleek, minimalistic sexyness of Google Chrome. And why not? (looks at camera and laughs like an All State representative who knows all the answers and believes his company’s superiority is without question). After all, its seal is a cross between a Pokeball and that Simon memory game thing, and these tabs! Well, they practically breakdance for me…and they will for you, too!