Lycanthrope Research Case Revisited

A. Quinton — Jul. 5th 2008

If you’re a fan of werewolf special effects, you’re probably familiar with Alex CF’s super-detailed lycanthrope research case– I mentioned it back in April, and it’s still pretty much the coolest piece of three-dimensional art I’ve seen. Apparently a lot of other people dug it too, because he’s made another one.

Alex CF Werewolf Case

Visit Alex’s site for more pictures, and for an excellent (and lengthy) video tour of the kit’s components. This man is all about detail.

  • I read through some of the details and history of the box on Alex’s site, and I feel horrible about how so much of it is based on raw grief and self-hate. There’s a lot of brutish, illogical and simplistic cruelty in man and just about every type of animal, and it’s a shame how man normally uses the power of his mind to fuel that rather than see beyond it. It takes a lot of effort to maintain such hatred, and there’s always so little fruit to bear from it.

    So aside from the Biblical “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” that the gentleman comes to realize toward the end of his life, I believe that he also saw how groundless and horrible it is to hate a thing because of the skin it was born into. That is the state of heart that makes any creature monstrous, no matter the form it bears. I’m glad the gentleman came to realize all of this, but I’m saddened at how he couldn’t come to a full enough understanding of it to stop himself from committing a suicide of what seems like frustrated, directionless self-hatred and grief.

    Heh, I know that’s more of a comment on the back story of the box than the box itself, but I think they’re both equally interesting! Aroowwwww!!!